Warm Up Wintertime with Hot, Delicious Soup

Warm Up Wintertime with Hot, Delicious Soup

Feb 19th 2015

With record low temperatures throughout the country, everyone is feeling the bitter cold! But Frontier Soups has the answer: Hot, delicious soup! Warm up your loved ones with our shortcuts to homemade soup. Below are some of our picks for best winter soups! Stock up your pantry with our Baker's Dozen.

Our Chicago Bistro French Onion Soup contains black beluga lentils and sliced onions. This soup has substance and nutrition not found in a typical French onion soup. Rich and robust on its own or extra luscious with French bread and cheese topping.

The Cincinnati Style Sweet Chili is rich and flavorful, the secret ingredients of cinnamon and unsweetened chocolate give this dark bean mix its original character. The addition of barbeque sauce with ground beef adds a sweet tang to this easy-to-prepare chili.

Our authentic Michigan Ski Country Chili supplies winter warmth to skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts! Two red Santaka peppers and classic chili seasonings heat  up this red bean chili mix.  Add ground beef and pork for a blaze-of-glory Midwestern chili.

The flavorful Jonny's Favorite Southwestern Chickpea Soup that is sure to bring you some warmth! The unique saffron rice complements the Spanish flavors in this fabulous fiesta stew!