New Look, Same Great Homemade Taste!

What started as homemade soup made in mom’s kitchen, Frontier Soups is the foundation of our business. As we continue to grow, we remain fueled by the desire to offer you only the best. Our name may be changing, but everything else about us is the same, especially the deliciously wholesome, simple, and natural Frontier Soups mixes you love.

From our home to yours, welcome to Anderson House.


Soup has always been part of everyday life for the Anderson family. You could say that our family and our business have grown up together. What started in 1983 in our mom Trisha’s kitchen on a shady midwestern street has grown into something bigger than any of us ever imagined. For more than 35 years, our family-owned business has gathered people around the dinner table with honest-to-goodness real ingredients and impeccable quality. We like to think that great taste runs in our family.

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My Husband Is A Pescatarian

Just wanted to share with you that we LOVE your Soup Mix Selections. My husband is a pescatarian and it’s fabulous that we can have soup without the worry of having any meat flavoring in it. Tonight we had Enchilada Soup Mix and instead of chicken we used shrimp and it was delicious. I recently bought several soup mixes including Chicago Bistro French Onion Soup and South of the Border Tortilla Soup. The trick I do is put the cheese on the top of the soup as it’s served so it slowly melts. Thank you for making a product that I’d be happy to share with family and friends.

~ Amy P.

Greetings From The Islands of the Bahamas!

Wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your potato and leek soup. Had like 3 servings one sitting it’s that good. I’ve made a little twist on it since I’m converting to vegan and the recipe calls for heavy cream. So being an island boy and Bahamian at heart I substituted the cream with coconut milk, added some fresh garlic, diced carrots, potato, onions and one unbroken pod of habinaro pepper. This all cooked down in a crock pot and two hours later after I was chillin our a star dish was born. Just soooooooo good.

~ Gino M.

Life Is Easier With Your Great Soup Mixes

I have been buying your soup mixes for years. I originally found them at a market in Michigan. I live west of Chicago, and recently realized these are made right in Gurnee, Illinois. 100% natural - that is my favorite part! I can actually read all the ingredients - no surprises, no chemicals. The flavors are excellent too - I never have to add anything except the meat!! Thanks again for making my life easier with your great soup mixes.

~ Sue O.

Never Disappointed!

Today I made another one of your soups and was not disappointed! I made the corn chowder. I just wanted you to know that while the package instructions called for using heavy or whipping cream, I didn’t need to add those extra calories to make it thick. After simmering for the designated time, I used an immersion blender to smooth and thicken the soup! Much easier to digest all that corn too! I thought perhaps I should pass along the suggestion for others interested in watching their caloric intake. Keep those soups coming! So far I have loved them all!

~ Helaine G.

Your Soups Have Been a Godsend

Just have to say how grateful I am in finding all your wonderful soups/meals. I had a stem cell transplant in May & since returning home have had no outside help. With only me & my husband doing the cooking during my recovery with no outside food we did not make ourselves, your soups have been a godsend. Thanks for getting us through. This is our 3rd or 4th big order from you!

~ Marie D.

Simple, Natural Soup Mixes


We use real ingredients with names you can pronounce—carefully crafting our foods using the finest natural ingredients and highest quality standards to nourish wellness, every day.


Devoted to culinary excellence—with a passionate commitment to share our love of authentic home cooking with you—we blend heritage with innovation to create forward-looking recipes inspired by the finest traditions in American regional cuisine.


It’s simple—our meals are satisfying to prepare, serve, and eat. Our ‘fast-scratch’ comfort cooking combines quality ingredients and simple prep with versatile recipes you can personalize for uniquely delicious, wholesome meals.


From our hearts to your home, our exceptional foods help you eat well and live better. For more than 35 years, our family-owned business has gathered people around the dinner table, and we like to think this is just the start.


Our company founder Trisha Anderson’s culinary spirit and innovative recipes have been inspired by her mother’s ability to create delicious homemade soup from everyday leftovers. The catalyst for Frontier Soups was her sell-out success of her hand-packaged 11-bean soup at a local holiday market in 1983.

Today, Frontier Soups is an established name in the specialty food industry selling throughout the U.S. and Canada. Trisha’s deliciously inspired recipes reflect our entire team’s devotion to culinary excellence and passion to share our love of authentic home cooking.

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