Q: I lost the directions on how to prepare my soup, where can I find them?

A: You will find all recipes for our soup mixes under the Products tab, simply click on the soup you would like to prepare. Or go to Recipes find the classic recipe along with other options and or slow cooker adaptation if possible for that particular soup mix.

Q: Are your soup mixes gluten free?

A: All our mixes are  gluten free except for our Beef Barley, Little Italy Wedding Soup, and Mushroom Barley. 

Q: What does “Facility not dedicated gluten free” mean?

A: Please reference our gluten free page, you may locate this under “Products”. 33 of Frontier Soups’ mixes are independently laboratory tested for Gluten at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources Food Allergy Research & Resource Program (FARRP) at the University of Nebraska.

Q: Are your soup mixes organic or kosher?

A: No, they have not been certified by those entities, but the ingredients are all natural and the mixes contain no salt added or preservatives. They have been certified Gluten Free and our facility has earned an SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certification.

Q: Why aren’t my beans cooking?

A: There are several reasons why beans can take longer to cook through.

Not soaking the beans long enough. If the recipe requires soaking the beans – try not to rush them. Our testers have found that both the long and quick soak methods work well in our kitchen.

Altitude can require more cook time. The higher above sea level you are – the more time your beans may need to cook.

Hard water can also add to the cook time. When soaking beans in hard water it can sometimes toughen the skin of the bean leading to longer cook times.

Adding acid too early in the cooking process will also harden the bean. Our recipes that involve beans and acids (for example: wine or tomatoes) recommend adding them after cooking the beans. You can check the done-ness of the beans before adding the acidic elements by trying to mash a bean against the side of the pot with a spoon.

Q: Where may I find your soup mixes?

A: We have a Store Locator on our web page, although we are frequently updating due to our fast growth and popularity. We have 37 soup mixes; every store chooses which variety they would like to carry. If you are looking for a particular item, your local store may or may not carry it. If you can’t find your favorite soup, we do sell all of our products online or call 800.300.7687 we are happy to take your order over the phone. Our hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm central time.

Q: Where can I find the expiration date?

A: You will find the “Best If Used By” date on the back of the clear cello bag near the bottom, along with the lot code number. Note, this is not truly an expiration date. The mixes will never “spoil”, but dry ingredients will continue to dry and, over time, lose some of their flavor and visual appeal.

Q: What is the shelf life of our soup mixes?

A: From the day of production, our mixes have a “Best If Used By” date of 24-30 months. All of our mixes are dried. Stored properly, our “Best If Used By” date serves as a guide for freshness. Over time, our mixes might fade in color or flavor but never expire. If you live in a warm humid climate, you may extend storage time by placing mixes in freezer bags in your freezer.

Q: How can I store my left-over soup?

A: All our soups freeze well for future use. If you are saving a cream-based soup, we recommend freezing the soup before adding the cream.  When thawing and re-heating, let the soup warm, add the cream and follow the recipe of cooking for 10-30 minutes, depending on the soup. Read more here.

Q: How does Frontier Soups protect consumers in its processing?

A: Anderson House maintains SQF (Safe quality Food) Certification. We adhere to the highest standards of care for our products and in our manufacturing processes. We have passed a rigorous quality assurance audit by ASI to validate. (We do not process or dehydrate fresh ingredients.) If you have any questions regarding our process, please visit our Contact page.

Q: Do you process all your ingredients from fresh produce?

A: We select premier all natural ingredients from superior sources. We assemble our soup mixes from beautiful dry or freeze-dried vegetables, legumes, rice, herbs and spices.

Everything we do is to ensure 100% care for our consumer’s best interest!