Why Soup Is Good For Your Mind

Why Soup Is Good For Your Mind

Posted by Jane Sandwood on Mar 9th 2018

A steaming mug of soup on a chilly afternoon is the perfect way to warm up, especially if you’re someone who finds that the cold weather affects your overall mood and energy levels. One in five Americans are diagnosed with a mental health condition each year, but, worryingly, 56% do not seek treatment for their illness. Consuming healthy, low fat and low calorie foods, such as soup, are brilliant ways to boost an individual's mental and emotional state. Additionally, soup boosts weight loss and fitness, which can positively impact on someone’s psychological well being.

It’s a crowd pleaser

No one says ‘no’ to a bowl of soup. Kids might complain about the roast dinner you serve them or a plate of pasta, but a bowl of colorful liquid with an accompanying bread roll is a sure fire hit which will make you feel great and boost your feelings as you know your meal is appreciated and that there will be no waste. You can be proud that your one pot meal is environmentally friendly, too, as very little energy is required to make a soup from scratch or to heat a pre-made soup, therefore, your finances are safe and your carbon footprint limited.

It’s a low cost food

Research has found that worrying about debt triggers stress, therefore, you’ll be pleased to know that a bowl of soup is a low cost meal that all the family can enjoy. The ingredients to make your own soap from scratch are cheap and easy to get hold of and ready made canned, fresh and packet soups are also budget friendly. So, it’s a weight off your mind knowing you’ve provided a nutritious dinner at a good price.

It’s packed full of goodness

Opting for a soup packed full of vegetables will provide you with numerous vitamins and minerals which are vital in keeping the body and the mind fit and healthy. Vitamins B and C are particularly beneficial in increasing people’s mood, fighting depression and beating anxiety, so be sure to cram in as many tomatoes, carrots, onions, peas and potatoes as you can into your soup selection. Our bodies rely on food to function, so fresh produce made with hearty ingredients keep your energy levels up, maintains positive brain function and provides a sense of achievement.

If you’re turning to soup to boost your mental health and emotional state, consider brewing a delicious mocha at home to go with it. Coffee beans are packed full of antioxidants to keep you healthy and they fight against multiple illnesses and conditions, too. Therefore, you can be positive that a regular helping of this nutritious meal will keep you fit and feeling good.

Soup is a brilliant, low cost food product which boasts many benefits and can help to improve the mental and emotional state of individuals who consume it.